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About Paulette

Paulette Carson brings her strong experience in Project Management, Competitive Negotiation for Goods and Services, and Fiscal Leadership to the race for Texas House Representative in District 9. Paulette earned a BBA at Stephen F. Austin State University with an emphasis in Management and Economics, and she is a champion for sound fiscal management, and protection of individual / State’s rights.

After a successful career managing global contracts and purchasing efforts with Brown & Root, Inc and Associated Companies, Paulette established and led the Contracts management division for an innovative firm in Spring, Texas, in support of gold-mining operations in Africa. These opportunities provide Paulette with deep appreciation for being a stalwart fiscal steward of shareholder money and will easily position her as the protector of the people’s taxes in the Texas House of Representatives.

While transitioning from a corporate environment, Paulette was moved to bring a message of hope to Romania.  The devastating impact of the Communist regime on Eastern European countries was evident--Paulette answered the call! She founded Beautiful Gate Translations, using skilled translators and production teams abroad to produce Christian media in their native languages. Paulette’s efforts over the past 22 years continue to have remarkable results in transforming lives in these Eastern European nations.

On the home front, the ongoing challenges with her son Caleb brought awareness about the growing medical crisis in East Texas regarding insufficient care for Special Needs families. Carson was compelled, once again, to launch a new non-profit organization, Voices 4 Special Needs – East Texas.  Their team’s goals are to educate community leaders, legislators, and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission leadership to improve care and services for Special Needs families.

Her leadership skills have ultimately served to improve the lives of those in need or at risk from predatory elements in society. Paulette’s passionate heart has impacted countless lives in over 20 countries around the globe through her business experience and nonprofit organizations.

Throughout Paulette’s life, her involvement in the political arena has always been a part of her makeup. Over the course of her enthusiastic leadership in support of the Republican Party, Carson is convinced the power of the Conservative Voice has never been more vital.


Texas needs True Conservative Leadership in Austin.  Carson states, “It would be an honor and privilege to serve as your Representative for Texas House District 9.”


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